lauantai 3. helmikuuta 2018

Baaad dreams

Last night I had the very same  nightmare.
It was a dream about the fake execution in Teheran. I have sometimes the sleep paralysis, which occurs every month..once or twice. If You`ve had it..then You know. Your body is paralyzed, nothing works but Your mind is awake. You cannot rise a hand or move a leg. Everything just happens.
And that everything is like hell usually.
Teheran was the only time I pissed my pants.
Then it was over and everybody was laughing around me - me except the UPI driver who was pale like a sheet.. he took me to Intercont where I  crawled to bar to have a shot of brandy.
It comes back like yesterday does..but it happened in 40 years ago.

Teheran, the Alley of bloody hands 1979.
Savak officer intends to shoot me, while I´m handcuffed in a truck. He cocks the gun and pulls the trigger, empty. Then everybody starts laughing.