torstai 11. tammikuuta 2018

Devoted for Maria

So I had this friend called Maria in 1978.

She was so wild, she left me behind.
She wanted to fuck, not make love - all the time.
She moved at dark areas, I never knew.
Now those heroes like her - do not exist.
Sex is denied by women.
Erotics no more mean good.
Pornography is non existent.
Flirt`s against bible.
Public kisses and fondling are long gone.

But Maria.
She could take my dick in her warm hands in the train
and smile for the old lady in front of us.

I was so hyped of her.
she wasn`t a hypocrite like the modern women are.
She was always more than I was and that`s why she left.
One morn she was gone.
I was so fuck`n sad.
I had this terrible burn inside, I´ll never find
something like Maria anymore, I screwed that up

The death of inhibited sex and enjoyment came at 1984.
LA OLY games showed the way for us.
HIV came.
Real freedom went out.
And now we all are castrated by päiviräsänen acts.
She gives us the cold shoulder and stiff upper lip.
jesus comes - but that`s not an orgasm.

All nice and warm is denied.
And we lousy men should know.
Someone may come at ya and say: 1972 You told a filthy joke.
That`s it, Ya wasted
No words may help
even if You were in another country that time-
Now women have their revenge.
Cool, enjoy.
These pics I shot during 1980 - 1989
every pix has a real story.
You`ve all seen`em
I´we shown these several times - but all the time somebody
asks for rerun. 

Now it was Maria from France/Lyon where she is dying
of breast cancer.
So these are for You - never saw these.
But we did all these together.

Maria - 
Il est difficile de mourir.
Semble que tout le monde est en train de mourir
faire en sorte que les gens n'aiment plus l'amour physique.
J'espere que quelqu'un vous tient la main quand l'obscurite arrive.