keskiviikko 16. marraskuuta 2016

Valokuva (morbidi)

He had absolutely nothing.
His skin maybe and some grams of bones.
A ticket to ride hanging around his neck.
The ride is the last one.
Glad You have Your iPhone and so sad because of the weak line to Your ISP.
It`s not so easy to collect Pokemons then?
So unjust.

Near Thai / Cambodia border a shell struck and dying boy looks at his rotten arm. The gangrene is killing him.
The smell is that of death.
He`s silent, he knows.

Who did it ?

So You wonder why does this nasty terrorism continue? 
Why do they come here and kill our children?

Never thought it`s a revenge. 
You went in his land to secure and steal their oil or tantalum or gold or....... 
Collateral damage -- some children of their own went Kabooom

This man lost his son and daughter.
Should he come and thank You?

You say. There was no Holocaust. You are a brave denialist?
You say: "They had washing facilities and swimming pools and even orchestra".
I say: Yes. They had washing facilities.
18 came in the morning. 
They had 30 seconds. 
Some cold water, used by earlier prisoners.

There was even some soap, but if one touched it, they beat You to pieces.